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Mark Kitaoka

I would like to state my intent for building and developing this site. I have a lifelong relationship with motorcycles as you can see by the photos below… 

I am not a Cake dealer, retailer, associate, etc, just a new owner. I’m not here to persuade or dissuade you to own one, in truth it doesn’t really matter to me. I searched far and wide on the web to find other actual owners of a Kalk or Kalk& and found nothing. I’m wise enough to know that ownership is completely different then just riding something in a video or doing a demo ride. I bought this bike for myself after owning a Sur Ron Light Bee for the past two years with over 4500 recreational miles amassed. What Jackson (formerly WallE what I’ve renamed my Sur Ron in honor of the late Jackson Edwards) taught me is the ABSOLUTE JOY in the lack of weight, instant torque and no fluids or maintenance can be in a motorbike. And I never plan to sell Jackson, he provides me with the ability to ride in places Sofia (my Kalk&) would never be allowed and vice versa with Sofia who is homologated and fully street legal in the USA.

The views I express on this site are my own, just one person’s view of the bike which makes it right for me.  I’m not one of those who ‘has to be right’ nor do I respect those who feel they have to be right. That is the primary reason I avoid forums of all types. This site is simply about sharing information about the Kalk& since other than YouTube videos of riding the thing – very little exists about what it’s actually like to OWN THE BIKE. At least as of August 2020, during COVID19.

And if you’re thinking “Oh sure if he’s not a dealer, seller, part of CAKE how did he land CakeKalk.com?” Easy – I searched and it was available. No shit!

I was part of the original Keigwin’s at the Track training team. I even had hair back then.

Even in the early days of riding I longed for a dual sport motorcycle, one I could ride on the street to offroad areas near my home. Not a full on dirt bike and not a full on street bike, but just good enough at both.

What Jackson has shown me is the complete joy of the world of EVs, no gas, no oil, no valves, no air filters….no noise. And at only 110 pounds the lack of weight became my game changer. This opened my eyes and mind to the LEO life. Since Cake went through the homologation process having a truly street legal lightweight EV (with Ohlins suspension to boot) convinced me to take the plunge.

I’ve built this site simply to help other owners of Cake Kalk&s. There is literally nothing in the way of a Kalk& community, actually much less then there was for the Sur Rons two years ago. I’m not sure if that is by design by Cake the company, the price of the bike or something else. And while I’m on the subject of price I’ve been asked if it’s worth three times the price of a Sur Ron. Well for me it is and no I’m not a rich fella, I’m just a good saver. After raising two kids with education just about anything is less expensive. So now I get to be a teenager with means, about time too!

Technology changes rapidly, humans much less so. I’d bet my bikes that when horse drawn was replaced with steam engines and steam replaced by gasoline people asked “Where are you gonna get water and wood to feed that thing?! Horses just eat grass. Those gasoline things make lots of noise and smoke and where are you gonna fill up with gasoline for crying out loud.” – Ah attitudes and resistance to changing from what is known; it’s our human nature.

So if you’ve happened upon my site, welcome. I’m surprised you found it! I know that two wheeled EVs is an emerging market/industry. I accept that and the risks as well as the rewards associated with being an early adopter. I’m that way in my day job as a commercial photographer with lighting. That world is changing more rapidly then actual camera gear. And for me it’s been fantastic and exciting.

"Jackson this is Sofia, she may be moving in with you."
Sure enough, Jackson has a new sister.