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Let’s Just THINK for One Minute

I want you to imagine this for a moment. In your household regardless of the country in which you reside, EVERY SINGLE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE YOU USE REQUIRES A DIFFERENT PLUG! Your toaster requires one kind of plug, your TV another, your hair dryer yet another, your computer something different, your monitor something other than what…

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Yeah I Understand

I opted to purchase the Kalk& rather than the INK SL because of the Ohlins suspension. I’ve stated elsewhere on this site my affinity for Ohlins gear having used it on my RC51 track bike. But the real difference came when Dan Kyle Racing who is the largest Ohlins dealer in the world tuned my…

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Martian Rover

NASA as well as SpaceX are planning a trip to Mars and are looking for a vehicle that can transport astronauts around the surface. So they picked my Sofia for the task. And if you believe that then…. Today, September 9 2020 I awoke in what I believed was the middle of the night. My…

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2020 Harley LiveWire

“MARK What the EFF is this doing on your CakeKalk site?!!!” Well, that’s simple. It’s my site, I built it and I can put whatever the EFF I want on it. What I learned by having my own business for the past nine years is freedom. Ownership is the new resistance. The fact is my…

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Tucker Neary’s Kalk Review

Tucker Neary of Electric Cycle Rider reviews the Cake Kalk OR. Tucker Neary is not only an EV motorcycle enthusiast, but someone I consider to be level headed and fair in his assessment of bikes. Tucker recently released a ride video of the Cake Kalk OR and although it’s the off-road only model of the…

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CAKE KALK& Day 25 July 27, 2020

Update August 25 2020 After reviewing the Ohlins front fork settings with my former RC51 tuner (The largest Ohlins dealer in the world and former Erion Racing Crew Chief) about the settings he recommends that only the upper chamber of the forks (the main chamber) be adjusted for pressure. NOT the lower ramp up chamber….

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Stefan Ytterhorn – CAKE Interview

Stefan Ytterhorn is interviewed by Ben of unearned confidence on April 17 2020 titled “UC Show #7 | Badass Electric Dirt Bike – CAKE CEO” I find the interview enlightening as it reveals the history of CAKE and I am able to form my own impressions of Ytterhorn’s personality. At 22:50 in the video Ytterhorn mentions…