2020 Harley LiveWire

“MARK What the EFF is this doing on your CakeKalk site?!!!”

Well, that’s simple. It’s my site, I built it and I can put whatever the EFF I want on it. What I learned by having my own business for the past nine years is freedom. Ownership is the new resistance.

The fact is my pal Adam from Australia let me know one of his friends is getting his 2020 LiveWire this week. And at $49,000 USD I’m sure his buddy will get the very same sh!t I get about buying my Kalk&. Plus he doesn’t have to hear the same old Kalk jokes.

I’ve never been a fan of Harley’s but can appreciate those who are loyal to them. What struck me about the video are many of the very same goals Harley held when building the LiveWire are the same as Cake‘s goals. No off the shelf or repurposed parts, all custom. A design that is a complete departure from the known. This was more gutsy and dangerous then Cake, an EV startup with no established brand versus Harley – an American icon established in 1903 made famous with large and loud v-twin cylinder ICE bikes! Sure some or many of their loyal fan base will be pissed and abandon the brand…or not. Harley does not plan to ditch their ICE bikes, just add to them.

Truth is I admire innovation and the departure from the norm, the common, the established aka “What we’ve always known.” Everyone is different, but those who move the world forward aren’t the haters and naysayers who love to bet on the “Don’t Come” line in craps. It’s the pioneers otherwise we’d still be using steam engines and shitt!ng in outhouses.

Rock on boyz!

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