CAKE AP Model announced

I found out via ElectricMotorcyclenews that CAKE just announced their new CAKE AP which is known as their anti poaching version of the OR to be used in Africa to assist authorities in apprehending those who poach endangered animals. Makes sense since the Australian Army is now testing the Sur Ron line of bikes for battlefield use. It appears that the bike is a variation of their INK OR model with the same suspension used on their INK. Different color treatments and of interest are the new rim sizes. The article specifies the bike uses “CAKE’s 18 x 1.85” rims and 3.5” Continental TKC80 off-road tires on both wheels.” which differs from both the OR and & versions of their current lines. The OR uses a 24″ rim and the & versions 19″ hoops.

The other interesting point in the article is CAKE has partnered with Goal Zero to develop a system to charge the bikes using solar. That is a very needed method since outside of any city using an ICE generator means you need to carry fuel as well as creating noise. The gearing is the same as the OR versions, a 12t countershaft sprocket with an 80t rear. The rear sprocket only appears larger due to the smaller rim size.

CAKE is selling the bikes in what appears to be a very expensive price point, $25,000! Here is the logic for the pricing as listed in the article:

“The Kalk AP is available for purchase as part of a ‘buy-one-give-one’ charity campaign that funds the initiative. CAKE and Goal Zero will also donate their profit margin from these sales directly to the SAWC. When a customer purchases a Kalk AP, an identical twin is made and delivered to an anti-poaching unit active in one of the 25 national parks where the Southern African Wildlife College manages anti-poaching teams. Additionally, purchasing a Kalk AP also covers the donation of a solar panel and power station kit from Goal Zero that enables the twin bike to operate in the African bush independent from the electric power grid on an ongoing, self-sufficient mission to protect wildlife. All twin bikes are also connected via the CAKE connectivity platform, meaning that a customer can stay connected to the sibling bike that is in the bush. The customer will receive continuous updates on where it is, what is happening, and what good it has achieved. CAKE will also receive these notifications and will share ongoing achievements in various channels.”

I find it admirable that CAKE is embarking on campaigns to extend their goal of bettering our planet. Yet like several issues I’ve had in the past with CAKE (no EPA sticker on the engine, my DMV fiasco, no IRS deduction like Zero/Alta/Harley offers for EV tax deductions, no CAKE offered Level 2 charging capabilities) I have a few points I’d like to make.

As an everyday owner I know that I could not afford nor would I choose to invest into this campaign. My own view is there are other causes I use my after tax money to save the planet and prevent cruelty to animals. And while I’m on that topic I’m not sure if the African donation can be deducted or if CAKE is even looking into that for customers. In the US many companies will match a donation which doubles an employee’s contribution to a recognized cause. I doubt this would qualify. The other thing that I would like to see is for CAKE to offer the rims/tires as an accessory to current or future owners. As well as the Goal Zero charging option. As an owner and supporter of sustainable solar charging I know that it would take a significant amount of wattage to charge a CAKE bike. I posted a YouTube review of an owner who charged his OR from 80-100% using a Goal Zero solar generator. It depleted his Yeti 1400 by 71% and he did not show the length of time it required to recharge his Yeti 1400 using solar.

Make no mistake as an owner of a CAKE & I continue to be impressed with not only the build quality of the machine, as well as the customer service I receive from their CS department. What continues to frustrate me is CAKE does not offer things that are important to owners which I’ve already identified, but also things like:

  • Brake levers
  • Fork stanchion protector/high fenders
  • Sprockets that are not part of their package (rear sprocket/chain/countershaft sprocket must be purchased together)
  • Battery charger (No longer listed on their site)
  • Owner Community groups

So I continue to enjoy the ride and I’m looking forward to CAKE Connect once they develop the app for Android.

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