Cake Responds with a Solution

I had mentioned in another article my frustration in attempting to align the battery’s mounting rods when reinstalling the battery into its box on the bike. Although the battery is not too heavy trying to make sure the rods which are below your sight line as you lower the battery onto them is a 7/10 on my cussing scale. Well guess what? Cake sent me and will send all owners these nifty alignment rods that work great!

  1. The rods are threaded and screw into the female threaded rods which secure the battery
  2. This makes lining up the hold down rods much easier. Now my battery insertion cussing scale is 1/10!

Because I have high hopes that one day after COVID19 is over I can take my battery out and haul it into a coffee shop to charge the thing I’ve mounted my alignment rods onto the battery. (More likely it’s because I won’t forget where the hell I stored them.) Simply unscrew the alignment rods store them somewhere and you’re all set!

Here they don’t interfere with the seat mounting. Velcro and gaff tape are wonderful things in my world.

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    1. Martin I agree. However I was impressed that Cake recognized the design and proactively sent the rods. My reality is I’ve only removed the battery twice. Once when I got the bike just to examine it and second to test my level 2 charger. I do expect to remove it when I was the bike (afterwards).

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