Charging from a GZ Yeti 1400

One of the few channels I subscribe to on YouTube is Nathan’s Modern Life. He posts owner videos of his Kalk OR. His video on Charging a Cake Kalk Battery with a Yeti 1400 | 900 watts! peaked my interest. I own and use a Yeti 1000 and had planned on testing it with my &, but now that I’ve watched Nathan’s video there is no need to do so. Since his test illustrated charging his battery “for over an hour” from 80-100% depleted his 1400 Yeti by 71% was enough for me. Since all batteries take much longer to charge from 80-100% than from 0-79% I’m going to assume that it would take around 2 hours to charge from 0-79%. Although he suggests a Yeti 3000 to charge the bike I personally need to noodle that a bit to figure out how to actually charge my bike through solar while out tent camping.

The plan is to take my bike out with me desert camping. I now need to calculate how much I’d actually need in WHs to fully charge my & through solar. I currently use my 1000 to recharge my eMTBs using three 100W solar panels to recharge the Yeti 1000. I’m almost certain my Cybertruck will charge the & with no issues. Until that time I own a Yamaha 2000 ICE generator which I can use to charge my &. Sure I’d love to not use an ICE generator, but I also want to ride my bike more than a few hours while out camping.

Anyway I’m very happy Nathan (an OWNER) actually took the time to do this and post it for other owners. Thank you Nathan!

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