Locking while Level 2 charging

In two other posts I have explained how I now charge at EVSE level 2 charging stations.

Due to COVID19 when I charge my bike I either stay very close by or just sit next to my bike. If the EVSE station is located near a takeout restaurant I can walk there to get some to go food while keeping an eye on my bike. Once COVID19 is over and the population is vaccinated then I’m fine plugging in my bike and going into a restaurant close by to have a meal while the bike recharges based my following protocol.

Unlike EV cars that you just lock up, plug in and leave the vehicle it’s different with my bikes that both weigh next to nothing and can easily be thrown into the back of a van or pickup truck by one person and hauled away. Plus the J1772 plug and charger can ‘walk off’ since they are not locked into anything. I figured out a way to protect my gear as I charge. I’m not naïve and know that ANYTHING can be defeated given enough time/planning/knowledge/tools. Don’t believe me? Just ask the Secret Service detail who protected John F Kennedy in Dallas TX…enough said.

So I measured and figured out that using two long shackle pad locks will secure my Cake1000 charger, J1772 plug adapter and lock my bike to the EVSE charger cable station. Like I’ve said anything can be defeated, but what this prevents is someone just walking up and walking away with my charger and cable. And if they want to cut the EVSE charging cable have fun with 220v. LOL Most likely they’d just cut the padlock shackles, but I have other countermeasures for that I won’t disclose. And where I locate the lock can/will make it pretty tough to get bolt cutters near the locks.

The charging cables and pad lock can be configured in a number of different ways. It’s best to place them so that it’s difficult to get to the shackle with bolt cutters. This configuration is just to show how it works. I have a better way to protect the shackles.
Like I mentioned above locking the EVSE charge cable in this photo is just to show how looping the cable works. There are so many other configurations to use that makes it tougher to defeat.

A friend of mine asked “I’m afraid to ask but how long does it take to lock it all up and take down?” thinking it takes a while. Nope the hard part was figuring out how to do this. It takes me 3 minutes to set it up and 1 minute to strike it all and pack it into my tank bag. This really only applies to Cake & owners since OR owners truck/trailer their bikes to off-road areas. But for me, this makes my bike much more usable and safe.

Everything fits very well into my Nelson Rigg tank bag. And in this photo the bag is not even extended.

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    1. Thanks Lee. LOL yep if they were dumb asses and cut the line I’d hope to see the fireworks. What is so cool about EVSE stations is I get notified when the connection is broken or the bike is charged. Kind of like having a cool alarm system with no range limit.

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