My friend Carisa who knows I’ve not been on social media for quite some time sent me a link about an art exhibit at the Museum of Craft and Design, “MOTO MAX” in San Francisco which displays some incredible motorcycles, both ICE and EV. BTW Carisa covet both my Sur Ron Jackson and my Kalk& (LOVE saying that!) Sofia. When I die I’m ensuring she gets my Sur Ron. I’ve been wondering why she texts me everyday asking “How are you feeling today?” LOL

Since my professional life is ensconced in the arts (or was pre COVID) the inability to go to art exhibits has turned me into a bit of a bitch. But I now see that the MoCaD is allowing visitors with an appointment. What does this have to do with a Cake bike? Not a damn thing, but like most early adopters (which I am in the EV space and photographic lighting) I love looking at new and cool concepts.

So fascinating that several of the concept bikes are based upon Alta’s bones!

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