Skill & attitude trumps gear

When I first purchased my & I discovered Max Fredriksson’s YouTube videos where he rides and tortures an OR which illustrated the incredible build quality of the bike. I actually included one of his videos in my CAKE KALK& Purchase Experience post under “How Durable is the CAKE line of Bikes?”

I am often asked questions about if this is better than that, why I didn’t choose to buy this or that, etc. Each of us gets to choose what we buy or what we don’t buy. But I’ve always known that skill and attitude takes precedence over gear any day of the week.

Max recently released a video titled “IT’S OVER….Max Fredriksson’s Perspective” summarizing just how shitty 2020 was for he and the rest of the world. But even so he managed to find silver linings in his world amid all of the grief and chaos. His film inspired me and even though it is not directly about Cake there are some clips of him riding his demo OR in the film. But the amount of skill he displays along with his attitude is why I post it here. Enjoy

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