Stefan Ytterborn – CAKE Interview

Stefan Ytterborn is interviewed by Ben of unearned confidence on April 17 2020 titled “UC Show #7 | Badass Electric Dirt Bike – CAKE CEO” I find the interview enlightening as it reveals the history of CAKE and I am able to form my own impressions of Ytterhorn’s personality.

At 22:50 in the video Ytterborn mentions that {as of the interview date} CAKE has sold ‘close to 100 bikes…’ in the USA. Now I know why there are no Cake user groups or information about ownership. Even doubling or tripling the number of his estimated sales since April to 200-300 bikes that number is extremely low. Makes me wonder if all of my work to develop this site is worth the effort….hum I’ll have to think about that.

But it was great to find this video and hear his plans/reasons for the bike. I personally hope Cake is successful.

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