Stuck at a Traffic Light?

Even when I was street riding ICE motorcycles sometimes I just could not get a stubborn traffic signal to change. And my street bikes had plenty of ferrous materials too! But my Kalk& has very little. I inspected my bike for things a magnet would stick to and found very few items. To keep the bike’s weight down it’s almost all aluminum.

There are some signal lights that would recognize the bike, but many others that do not. So I purchased a v2.0 Green Light Trigger and lashed it to my rear suspension linkage arm. I had to test the bike to ensure that the magnet would not hit any of the linkage as it compresses. Not a problem. This really only applies to Cake bikes that are street legal. I know the INK SL’s rear shock is a direct mount so I’m not certain where you can attach the magnet, but there must be somewhere, even if it’s the swingarm.

Anyway the device works well and yes there are still some stubborn lights but way fewer than before. I may try a fishing magnet too, but time will tell.

The rear shock linkage arm were I attached the magnet.
The device comes with a zip tie and a hole where it can connect, but I also opted to use a velcro tie as an additional securing measure. Boy Scout shit I know! LOL

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