“The Cake Electric Motorcycle Just Isn’t It”

AMEN to Hanna Elliott of Bloomberg. Finally an assessment of the bike I ‘owned’ and am glad I’m a former owner. I absolutely laughed at the URL for her piece: “cake-kalk-electric-motorcycle-review-back-to-the-bike-lane-with-this-weakling” LOL!!!! As my friend Phil so aptly put it. “Mark the Cake you bought reminds me of any sail boat purchase. The two best days are the the day you buy it and the day you sell it.” No truer words were ever said! And the Cake Connect App that was announced to be released in April 2021 is ‘vaporware.’

“Unfortunately, early indicators proved misleading. Underpowered for highway riding and hilly ascents, the Kalk& is closer to an electric bicycle at best—and with a starting price of $14,000, it is a steeply overpriced one at that.”

My final reason for dumping the Cake. A bad battery they could not and would not replace.

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