Well Now I’m Embarrassed – Updated 9-12-20

Update September 12 2020

Cake informed me that the Service Interval 1 message would disappear after five cycles of the bike being activated. Well I’ve ridden my bike over 12 times and the message remains. A message appears prior to the Service Interval 1 stating “No Connection.” I’m not certain what that means or if it is a result of the extra connection not used on the new PIN display. As of this date I notified Cake of the issue but have not yet heard back from Cake why the message has not disappeared.

So last night I turned on my bike to go for a ride and this message appeared on my display:

So I wrote to Cake and like almost always they answered this morning with the following information:

“So, that is just a reminder to perform general checks and maintenance on your bike, that is all. I pasted what they want you to check, below. They will get that in the owner’s manual soon if they haven’t done so already. The service interval notification is a reminder for the user to take 5 minutes and inspect his bike to make sure it is in good condition. The service interval notification on the display will disappear after 5 restarts of the bike.”

  • Clean bike with wet cloth
  • Check that clamps are attached properly
  • Check that all lamps and horn works
  • Check headlight angle
  • Check mirror adjustment
  • Check overall brake functionality
  • Check tire threads
  • Check belt tension
  • Check front fork functionality
  • Check that visible cables are not damaged

Having to be reminded to wash my own Kalk with a wet cloth is embarrassing…..

And my gosh this morning September 9 2020 I was worried when I awoke and at 10am it seemed like it was midnight. The sky was red and dark due to the smoke from all of the fires in California. I feel so sorry for all of those who have lost their homes or were asked to evacuate.

2020 cannot end soon enough for me.

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