Why Are They SO Expensive?!

I recently found a video that clearly explains why 2 wheeled EVs are so expensive, lack range, etc. For anyone who has wondered why a Cake, or other two wheeled EVs are expensive, this helps explain. 

Oh and if you’re thinking of a Sur Ron, watch the video….

One of the other factors she brings up is the lack of aerodynamics of the human form. If you have ever road raced or watched MotoGP you will notice that riders ‘tuck‘ whenever they can. How much of a difference does it make….?

At 140 MPH I decided to try to ‘untuck‘ so I raised my upper body above my RC51 windscreen. I literally thought I was going to be blown off the back of the bike. And without reducing the throttle my speed went from 140 to 115 almost immediately. Nuff said.

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