Well Now I’m Embarrassed – Updated 9-12-20

Update September 12 2020 Cake informed me that the Service Interval 1 message would disappear after five cycles of the bike being activated. Well I’ve ridden my bike over 12 times and the message remains. A message appears prior to the Service Interval 1 stating “No Connection.” I’m not certain what that means or if

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KALK Instructional Videos

I’ve mentioned in another section that CAKE reminds me of Sony Playstation. Brilliant hardware, but their documentation is not easily located or well written. On their website I find it very difficult to find information other than sales or marketing information. I was able to locate their comprehensive video library just by accident. It covers

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Cake Responds with a Solution

I had mentioned in another article my frustration in attempting to align the battery’s mounting rods when reinstalling the battery into its box on the bike. Although the battery is not too heavy trying to make sure the rods which are below your sight line as you lower the battery onto them is a 7/10

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