Martian Rover

NASA as well as SpaceX are planning a trip to Mars and are looking for a vehicle that can transport astronauts around the surface. So they picked my Sofia for the task. And if you believe that then….

Today, September 9 2020 I awoke in what I believed was the middle of the night. My bedroom was dark, yet a very strange orange glow was streaming through my shutters. For anyone who has followed the horrible lightning fires in California you will know the smoke has darkened our skies.

Today feels how I imagine life in Blade Runner feels just without the rain. So I put on my riding gear to take the opportunity to photograph Sofia out at Bump City near my home at 11:00am which seemed like twilight rather than late morning.

And at 3:00pm my gf and I decided to go out and photograph the sky in our area. So surreal and I feel for all of those who have lost their homes or were made to evacuate due to the fires.

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